Tooth Extraction​

Relieving your discomfort with minimal-injury methods.

Do You Need to Have a Tooth Removed?​

While our focus is preventative care and the preservation of your teeth, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary. If you are experiencing discomfort or your tooth is in need of repair, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us. During your exam, Dr. Gibson will let you know if your tooth can be saved or if a tooth extraction is recommended to stop the spread of infection and/or eliminate your discomfort.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Minimal Injury Tooth Extractions

If a tooth extraction is needed, Dr. Gibson will take the extra time to ensure as little trauma as necessary using minimal injury tooth extractions. This is a technique that is specifically designed to remove teeth using specialized tools while causing minimal damage or trauma to the surrounding bone and tissues.

A minimal injury tooth extraction results in a faster recovery, reduced complications, and bone preservation – which can eliminate the need for bone grafting prior to implant placement. Dr. Gibson can also offer you the option of immediate implant placement so that you can get your tooth replaced the same day.

Dr. Gibson periodontist smiling at patient

Three Benefits to Minimal Injury Tooth Extraction:

Helps to ensure the maximum amount of bone is preserved

Usually requires less healing time since there is less trauma around the tooth

Makes it easier to place an implant immediately – so you don’t have to leave with a missing tooth!

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